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Let us pause for a while and take a peek at the fascinating wonders of nature, the majesty and the glory of God's creation and the spectacle of human engineering. Unfortunately, I cannot go to these places in as much as I want to so, I’m just taking this virtual expedition. I hope you can join me in this online adventure.

-Arnel S. Oroceo, the Author

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bran Castle of Transylvania

Bran Castle

Whenever the legendary principality, Transylvania is mentioned, inevitably the first thing that comes to mind is Count Dracula. Perhaps, one of the most interesting attractions in Brasov is the Bran Castle. It is a stone citadel, which the Saxons has built by a decree of Louie I of Hungary in 1377 as a defense fortification against the Ottomans.

Many connect the castle to the legendary vampire Count Dracula as they would say that it is Dracula’s Castle. Although, according to experts, there is no indication that the creator of the legendary vampire story has known about this castle. The only connection that they see is that the prince of Wallachia, Vlad III, or most commonly known as Vlad Tepes or Vlad Dracul has used the castle as his headquarters for his assaults into Transylvania against the Ottoman Empire. 

Vlad Tepes
Bram Strokers’ Dracula is said to have been inspired by the story of Vlad Tepes. Of course, it is not because he is a vampire, but because of his cruelty against his enemies particularly the Ottoman Empire. Perhaps, many have considered him “blood thirsty” because of his ruthless killings.

Execution by Impalement
He is famous for torturing and killing his enemies through impalement, a form of execution during the middle ages. It is piercing a person’s body with a long stake or pole with a rounded end. Commonly, it is through the area between the genitals and the anus going up then out of the body through the lower part of the neck and rests below the chin to prevent the body from sliding down the pole when it is raised from the ground. It is a way of inflicting a long and painful death.

Anyways, the Bran Castle is now a museum that exhibits the art and furniture of Queen Marie. It aims to preserve the historical and cultural value of the castle. Tourist can see the castle with a guided tour.

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