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Let us pause for a while and take a peek at the fascinating wonders of nature, the majesty and the glory of God's creation and the spectacle of human engineering. Unfortunately, I cannot go to these places in as much as I want to so, I’m just taking this virtual expedition. I hope you can join me in this online adventure.

-Arnel S. Oroceo, the Author

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Songsong Ruins

However, the most intriguing place for me in Batanes is the Songsong Ruins. It is like an ancient ghost town in Batan Island. I have tried to get a story about it in the internet but I have not found any yet. I am wondering who lived in these ruins, why they abandoned their habitation and why nobody tried to rebuild these ruins. Maybe if I could get a story somewhere, I would blog it.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Interesting Places in Batanes

There are many places in Batanes that will capture your heart and arouse your curiosity. One of those is the oldest stone house, which remains standing since 1887: The House of Dakay. It has been declared as a UNESCO heritage building.

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Another is the Mahatao Lighthouse

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And the Mahatao View Deck

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The Torongan Cave- in the town of Itbayat. The most ancient dwelling place and on top is a pre-historic burial caves. Many believe that this is the first landing place of the Austronecians from Taiwan in 2000 BC.
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It would be an impossible dream for me to even think of visiting these places. However, who knows? Dreams can still come true...

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