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Let us pause for a while and take a peek at the fascinating wonders of nature, the majesty and the glory of God's creation and the spectacle of human engineering. Unfortunately, I cannot go to these places in as much as I want to so, I’m just taking this virtual expedition. I hope you can join me in this online adventure.

-Arnel S. Oroceo, the Author

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Lantau Hiking Trail in Hong Kong

Photo of The Lantau Hiking Trail and Cable Cars on the right courtesy of

For able-bodied people, probably one of the most exciting experiences is trekking or hiking. You can see and explore different places leisurely most especially if you like nature. It allows you to test your endurance while enjoying fascinating views.

For persons with disabilities like me, perhaps it is a dream that may remain a dream for a while. Meanwhile, maybe, I can try to find other ways of exploring them.

Outside the Philippines, one good place for hiking is the Lantau Hiking Trail in Hong Kong. It is a seventy-kilometer, circular trail that crawls around Lantau Island. It starts and ends at Mui Wo or Silver Mine Bay Beach.

Photo of The Lantau Peak courtesy of

Lantau Island treats you with its 934-meter high Lantau Peak. Photographers, videographers and naturalists will surely find a great time with its lush green panoramic view. One interesting landmark in the island is the highest and the biggest seated bronze Buddha statue in the world. It reaches a height of 34 meters and weighs 250 tons. You will need to climb more than 250 steps to reach the platform where it sits. If you like a more exciting experience, you can try the Ngong Ping 360. It is a 5.7 kilometer-long cable car ride around the mountain side of the island, which is about a twenty five minute ride.

Photo of the Lantau Tian Tan Buddha courtesy of

From the Philippines, Hong Kong is a very attractive destination because Hong Kong does not require tourists to secure a visa. It lessens the hassles of traveling. If you have a passport and the budget, you can go right away. You will surely have a wonderful experience that will last for a lifetime.

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