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Let us pause for a while and take a peek at the fascinating wonders of nature, the majesty and the glory of God's creation and the spectacle of human engineering. Unfortunately, I cannot go to these places in as much as I want to so, I’m just taking this virtual expedition. I hope you can join me in this online adventure.

-Arnel S. Oroceo, the Author

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Malapascua Island, Philippines: A Popular Diving Site

While watching GMA-7s late night program “Born to be Wild”, hosted by Doc Ferds Recio and Kiko Rustia, I got to see a wonderful island in the Philippines, the Malapascua Island, which is eight kilometers off the province of Cebu. It has a white sand beach, similar to Boracay Island although I can say that it is not as popular yet. Many say that it is going to be the next Boracay in terms of being a tourist attraction.

One of the most popular attractions of the island is its rich diving spots. You can observe from below different species of fish and corals and the breathtaking Thresher sharks moving around its deep blue waters. It is becoming very popular among diving enthusiasts.

Another interesting place to see in Malapascua is the Calanggaman Island, which is around an hour or so by boat. There you can snorkel or just simply swim around while enjoying the ambience of a virgin paradise. Maripipi is also a wonderful destination for those who want to explore volcanoes.

Put Malapascua Island on top of your list if you plan to go around the Philippines. 

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